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EcoFlow Australia - Investing In Sustainable Portable Power Solutions For The Future

Ecoflow Delta 2 Max 2400W Lifestyle


What is EcoFlow?

EcoFlow is a company that specializes in eco-friendly portable power stations and portable solar panels.

Can EcoFlow Charge a Tesla ?

Whilst it is possible to partially charge a Tesla with Delta 2 or Delta Pro, the average Tesla requires an average of 60kw to be 100% charged. You may get another 15km from a fully charged Delta Pro, which might get you out of trouble in an emergency. In reality it is not the ideal solution for charging a Tesla. In ideal conditions with a maximum 1600W of solar panels, you could charge a TESLA 10% per day. To charge a Tesla to 100% in 6 hours of optimum sun with solar power you would need 15,000 watts of solar panels which is almost 10x more than the maximum solar input of the Delta Pro. If you happen to be caught short of your destination in a Telsa an ECOFLOW DELTA PRO may save the day.

How Does EcoFlow Delta 2 Work?

The Delta 2 works by harnessing solar energy and charging a lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4). It has a built-in inverter that converts DC power to AC power and can also be charged from AC outlets and DC sources such as your car or 4WD. It stores power in its lithium battery storage system, which can then be used to power various devices and appliances. The difference in models and price lies in the number of outlets, lithium battery capacity, and size of the inverter.

How Long Does EcoFlow Last?

They are built to last 10 years or more and last 3500+ cycles before they reach 80% of their capacity. They also come with an industry leading 5-year warranty.

How Much is Delta 2 Max?

Pricing varies depending on the model and features, but EcoFlow products are competitively priced for their quality and performance.

How Long is EcoFlow Warranty?

5 year warranty on power stations.

Introducing EcoFlow: Revolutionizing Portable Power

EcoFlow Australia is a pioneer in eco-friendly energy solutions founded in 2017, by DJI drone founder Lei Wang, along with Hanna Sieber, Fan Zheng and Eli Harris. Initially starting out with the Wave 2 series, and now offering a wide range of Ecoflow battery products designed to power smart devices and provide sustainable energy solutions. The company shows a strong commitment to environmental responsibility. Whilst Jackery have entered the market in Australia, ECOflow are still dominating the sector with more choice in sizes. Let's dive into what they have to offer and how they are changing the landscape of portable power generation.

Revolutionizing Portable Power

ECOFlow is dedicated to providing energy solutions that are both eco-friendly, light and expandable. The lineup includes foldable solar panels, power stations, battery storage systems, generators, and more, all designed to meet the needs of modern consumers while minimising environmental impact. Their portable power stations are currently the fastest charging on the market, at nearly 5 times quicker than the nearest rival. Average charge speed for their power stations is less than 1 hour to 80%. They currently offer the River series and Ecoflow Delta series power stations with the River series being the smaller compact versions of the larger Delta 2, Delta 2 Max and Delta Pro.  Their product offerings also include solar panels up to 400W and 500W to 3600W power stations. Their Delta range is expandable up to 21600Wh with a surge capacity of 7200W. The maximum solar input of a Delta Pro is 1600W 11-150V or 15Amp. EcoFlow Delta 2 is their latest offering, a powerful and versatile power station that serves as the cornerstone of their product line. This innovative device harnesses sustainable solar energy to power a wide range of devices, from smartphones to DJI drones, laptops and essential appliances like starlink, fridges, freezers and don't forget the coffee machine, pellet grill smoker, or CPAP in case of blackout or emergency power situations. With its compact design and impressive power storage capabilities, it's the perfect companion for outdoor adventures or emergency situations.

EcoFlow Australia: Leading the Charge in Sustainable Energy

EcoFlow has made significant strides in Australia with solid sales growth and customer satisfaction, where eco-friendly energy solutions are in high demand with camping and caravan groups. With products like the Delta, Wave, and River Pro series, the company is helping Australians reduce their carbon footprint while enjoying free reliable solar power generation.

EcoFlow vs Bluetti: Comparison

Both portable power station companies offer innovative portable power solutions, and have distinct features and advantages. Bluetti is known for its diverse range of power stations and solar generator kits, while EcoFlow specialises in compact, lightweight and high-performance power stations like the Delta and River series. The ecoFLOW Delta Pro range is designed for house backup or off-grid power. Ultimately, the choice depends on your specific needs and preferences. Read our ECOflow review and compare all currently available models.


The company stands behind the quality and reliability of its products with extended warranty coverage, ensuring that customers can purchase with confidence. You can trust that your investment is protected and that you'll have reliable power generation for years to come.

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