Ecoflow Delta Pro Power Station 3600W Solar Battery Inverter

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Your Ultimate Home Battery Solution

Are you tired of power disruptions and high bills? 3600W Ecoflow Delta Pro offers an impressive 3.6kWh capacity, expandable up to a staggering 25kWh. Say goodbye to blackouts and hello to energy independence.

Did You Know That You Can Run A House On Battery Power ?

Here’s How With The EcoFlow Delta Pro :

Exceptional AC Output

Delta Pro leads the portable power and backup power industry with this 3600W AC output portable power station, capable of powering heavy-duty appliances. Need more power? Combine two units for an incredible 7200W output.

An Expandable Ecosystem

More than a power station; it’s a versatile ecosystem. Enhance it with Extra Batteries, Smart Generators, and the Smart Home Panel, all conveniently controlled through the EcoFlow app.

Charging Innovation

Fast charging with six methods at its disposal. It’s the first portable power station that can charge at an EV station, delivering a rapid 6500W charge – setting a new standard.

Seamless Home Integration

Thanks to the Smart Home Panel (available separately), the 3600W can power up to 10 home circuits. Never worry about power outages or skyrocketing bills again. Your home becomes more resilient and energy-efficient.

3600W Ecoflow Delta Pro backup

Lightning Fast 2-Hour Charging

Multicharge at an impressive 6500W rate, and you’ll be back up and running in just 2 hours.

Portable Convenience

With wheels and a retractable handle, Delta is your ultimate trusted companion for camping, caravanning, RVing, and outdoor events. Take it wherever you go with ease.

5-Year Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind and security with one of the longest warranties in the industry, ensuring years of reliable use.

Versatile AC Output

A single Pro unit packs 3600W AC output, expandable up to 4500W with X-Boost technology. Power your devices at home, outdoors, or work. Pair two units for an impressive 7200W with Smart Home Panel.

Efficient Charging

EcoFlow’s X-Stream charging technology is not just fast but also safe. The battery management system ensures safety and longevity while fully charging the 3600W from a standard AC wall outlet in 1.9 hours*.

Charge Anywhere

For the first time with a portable power station, you can charge at thousands of EV stations across Australia and worldwide. This unique charging method offers up to 3400W fast charging on the go.

3600W Ecoflow Delta Pro Home Backup

Smart Generator Backup

The EcoFlow Smart Generator seamlessly integrates with your ecosystem. It starts automatically when you hit a low charge, recharges your unit, and stops the engine once fully charged. It’s efficient and reliable.

Durable Battery Life

Features a brand-new LFP battery technology with 6500 cycles, providing an expected 18 years of daily use before reaching 50% capacity. EcoFlow’s advanced battery management system ensures safety and efficiency.

Control and Monitor with Ease

Manage directly on the unit, with a remote control, or customize settings via the EcoFlow app on your phone or tablet. Take charge of your power levels, AC speeds, and Smart Generator control.

The Ultimate Home Battery Ecosystem

Customize your power solutions with an expandable ecosystem, from backup power to green alternatives. Tailor it to your needs with extra batteries, smart generators, solar trackers, wind turbines, and the Smart Home Panel.

Smart Home Panel Integration

The new Smart Home Panel is the heart of the solar home battery ecosystem. It integrates up to two 3600W units with 10 home circuits, providing uninterrupted power, smart energy management, and energy bill savings.

Reliable Home Backup

With a fast 20ms switchover time, the Smart Home Panel keep you powered during blackouts. The EcoFlow app lets you select and modify device priorities.

Efficient Energy Management

The ecosystem reduces grid reliance, lowers energy bills, and integrates with your home through the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel. Customize your energy usage for any situation and enjoy a smart breakdown of your habits.

Caravan and RV Living Simplified

Take DELTA Pro on your adventures. With its wheels and suitcase handle, it’s perfect for caravan and RV living, camping, and outdoor excursions.

Ecoflow Caravan RV Delta Pro

Worksite Power

With 3600 watts this unit is capable of powering multiple worksite and jobsite tools and even welders and plasma cutters. If you need power tools in remote locations or confined spaces where carbon monoxide fumes from generators or sparks are a WHS safety issue, then this is your smart solution.  Even charge your Dewalt, Milwaukee, or Makita batteries with solar power.

Power your remote site office or work shed with the Delta Ecoflow.  Check out these Youtube clips for reviews on working with Delta Pro :

  1. Welding and Plasma Cutter with Delta Pro
  2. On the farm with Ecoflow


  • High Capacity, Expandable Power:  offers a substantial 3.6kWh capacity, expandable up to 25kWh, providing an enduring energy solution.
  • Impressive AC Output: With a robust 3600W AC output,  can power heavy-duty appliances and even be doubled for a remarkable 7200W.
  • Versatile Ecosystem: Beyond a power station,  integrates with Extra Batteries, Smart Generators, and the Smart Home Panel, all managed through the EcoFlow app.
  • Swift and Innovative Charging: supports six charging methods, including EV station charging, with a rapid 6500W charge – setting a new industry standard.
  • Seamless Home Integration: Connect  to the Smart Home Panel for up to 10 home circuits, ensuring a resilient and energy-efficient home.
  • Portable Convenience: Featuring wheels and a retractable handle, is perfect for camping, RVing, and outdoor events, offering power wherever you go.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ” a game-changer! The expandable power capacity and seamless integration with my home circuits have made power outages a thing of the past. I can confidently run my essential appliances, and the rapid charging is a lifesaver. It’s a 5-star solution!” – Sarah M.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I’m blown away by performance. The AC output is impressive, and I can power multiple devices simultaneously. The expandable ecosystem and compatibility with the Smart Home Panel give me complete control. This is the future of portable power!” – David R.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ” a versatile powerhouse! It’s my go-to for outdoor adventures, and I love the 2-hour charging time. Plus, the Smart Generator is a genius addition. This portable home battery is worth every penny, and the 5-year warranty adds peace of mind.” – Emily L.

Experience a new level of freedom and reliability with DELTA Pro – your complete home battery or worksite solution.

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Ecoflow EV Charging


Video : Unveiling Delta Pro: The Revolutionary EcoFlow Power Solution

Additional information

Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 63 × 52.8 × 44.2 cm

SKU: EFDeltaPro

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  • Net Weight: Approx. 99 lbs / 45 kg
  • Dimension: 25 x 11.2 x 16.4 in / 63.5 x 28.4 x 42 cm
  • Capacity: 3600Wh (300Ah @ 12V)
  • Extra Battery: Supports up to two DELTA Pro Smart Extra Battery/Smart Generator
  • AC Output: 4 outlets, 230V/10A, 3600W total (Surge 7200W)
  • Max Device(s) Power Supported by X-Boost: 4500W
  • USB-A Output: 2 ports, 5V, 2.4A, 12W Max per port
  • USB-A Fast Charge: 2 ports, 5V, 2.4A / 9V, 2A / 12V, 1.5A, 18W Max per port
  • USB-C Output: 2 ports, 5/9/12/15/20V, 5A, 100W Max per port
  • Car Power Output: 12.6V, 10A, 126W Max
  • DC5521 Output: 2 ports, 12.6V, 3A, 38W Max per port
  • Anderson Port: 12.6V, 30A
  • AC Charging Input: 2900W Max, 230V~12.5A
  • Solar Charging Input: 1600W Max, 11-150V, 15A
  • Car Charging Input: Supports 12V/24V battery, 8A
  • Battery Chemistry: LFP
  • Cycle Life: 6,500 cycles to 50% capacity, 3,500 cycles to 80% capacity
  • Connection: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

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3600W Ecoflow Delta Pro Ecoflow Delta Pro Power Station 3600W Solar Battery Inverter
Original price was: $6,599.00.Current price is: $4,999.00.

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