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Imagine Life Without Power Limits

New For 2024 – EcoFlow Delta 2 Max Next Generation

Picture a world where you never have to worry about running out of power when you need it the most with up to 510Ah of battery storage. The EcoFlow Delta 2 Max 2400W portable power station is here to turn imagination into reality. Say goodbye to power interruptions and discover a life powered by continuous, uninterrupted solar battery energy. Ready to say goodbye to high maintenance backup generators ?

Fast charging 0%-80% in just 68 mins. That’s 4x faster than other portable power stations on the market.

Discover the EcoFlow Delta 2 Max 2400W, a high-capacity unit with an expandable design that will transform the way you experience power. With an impressive 2048 Wh (watt hours)/170 Ah (amp hour) capacity, this unit ensures your appliances keep running longer than ever before without charging.

Offering a huge 1000W of solar input charging, and output of 2400W equivalent to a standard power point, it empowers you to use any appliance that plugs into a regular outlet. And if you crave even more capacity, no worries – you can add up to two additional 2048 Wh/170 Ah batteries, creating an astounding 6144Wh or 6 kilowatts/510 Ah capacity energy system.

Ecoflow Delta 2 Max 2400W Lifestyle

Unmatched Battery Longevity

The EcoFlow Delta 2 Max 2400W boasts an extraordinary battery life of well over 10 years, equating to an astonishing 3000 cycles. Thanks to its quality lithium LFP (lithium ferro phosphate) chemistry, you can charge this unit daily for a decade without seeing the internal cells drop below 80% capacity. That’s six times the industry standard (500 cycles).

Your investment is safe with a 10 year average lifespan, and a solid 5 Year Warranty.

Portable and Lightweight

Weighing in at just 23 kg, the Delta 2 Max is incredibly portable and lightweight, making it ideal for placement on shelves or in hard-to-reach spots.

Multi-Appliance Powerhouse with X-Boost

With a powerful 2400W output, the Delta 2 Max can simultaneously power up to 15 devices. And thanks to EcoFlow’s innovative X-Boost Technology, you can even ramp it up to 3400W with X-Boost activated, allowing you to efficiently use more appliances simultaneously when needed.

World’s Fastest Charging Methods

Experience lightning-fast charging with the EcoFlow Delta 2 Max 2400W. When plugged into a standard AC power socket, it charges from 0 to 80% in an astonishing 68 minutes, four times faster than the industry norm. It’s perfect for those on-the-go moments. Additionally, the Delta 2 Max supports up to 1000W of solar energy charging and can be charged in your vehicle via the DC port.

For less-than-ideal solar conditions, rely on the EcoFlow Smart Generator, which automatically activates when your Delta 2 Max reaches 20%, ensuring you’re never left powerless.

Remote Energy Management via EcoFlow App

Take complete control of your energy consumption remotely through the intuitive EcoFlow App. Monitor and manage your Delta 2 Max from your smartphone anytime, anywhere.

Reliable Backup Power

In the event of a power outage, the EcoFlow Delta 2 Max 2400W seamlessly switches over to its internal stored energy within a mere 30 milliseconds. This means your servers, computer equipment, security systems, and essential appliances continue to operate without interruption.

The Delta 2 Max serves as an EPS (Emergency Power Supply), offering you the peace of mind that your critical appliances will always have power, blackout or not.

EcoFlow Delta 2 Max Expandable Battery

Expandable capacity:

One add-on battery connects to a EcoFlow Delta 2 Max 2400W to double the total capacity of your system to 4096Wh (watt hours)/340 Ah (amp hours). Connect a maximum of two additional batteries to your master unit to give your system a staggering 6144 Wh (watt hours)/510 Ah (amp hours) of capacity.

EcoFlow Delta 2 Max 2400W Features at a Glance

  • Impressive Capacity: Offers a capacity ranging from 2048Wh to 6144Wh, making it suitable for various portable power needs.
  • 4x Fast Charging: 0%-80% in 68 mins (4x faster than similar products)
  • Solar-Friendly: Features solar input capability of up to 1000W, compatible with 11V-60V and 15A max, with 500W per port.
  • Powerful AC Output: 230V AC output with 2400W continuous power and surge capacity of 4800W, boosted to 3000W with X-Boost technology.
  • Versatile DC Output: Offers multiple DC output options, including USB-A, USB-C, car power outlet, and DC5521 connectors.
  • 10 Year Long-Lasting Battery: Utilizes LFP (lithium ferro phosphate) chemistry, with 10 year lifespan of 3000 cycles to 80% capacity.
  • Seamless Connectivity: Features Wireless connectivity for remote monitoring and control.
  • Compact Design: Compact dimensions measuring 49.7 x 24.2 x 30.5 cm, making it portable and easy to store.
  • Light Weight: Weighing 23.15kg, it strikes a balance between portability and functionality.
  • Package Includes:  AC Charging Cable, Solar Charging Cable, Car Charging Cable, User Manual, and Warranty Card.

Estimated Energy Storage Without Charging :

Home Appliance Assumed Energy (W) Estimated Usage Time
C.P.A.P Machine 40W 41 hours
82 hours
123 hours
Mini Fridge 60W 27 hours
54 hours
81 hours
TV 100W 16 hours
32 hours
48 hours
Projector 100W 16 hours
32 hours
48 hours
Full-Size Fridge 71W 23 hours
46 hours
69 hours
Electric Blanket 120W 14 hours
28 hours
42 hours
Mini Cooler 90W 18 hours
36 hours
54 hours
Car Fridge 25W 66 hours
132 hours
198 hours
Wi-Fi Router 25W 66 hours
132 hours
198 hours

* Based on 2048W | 4096Wh | 6144Wh


5 star reviews
EcoFlow Delta 2 Max 2400W Portable Power Station
“Very happy with the power station. Works very well and charges quickly! Using it as a power source into the caravan. Runs the kettle and toaster perfectly.”

Stefan F
5 star reviews
“Just spent a week camping in the Bush with the Delta Max and used it daily for my induction cooker, charging via a 200w Solar Panel worked a treat.”

5 star reviews
“It’s perfect for my sprinter van job. You won’t regret.”

Elevate Your Power Game with EcoFlow Delta 2 Max.

Experience FREE uninterrupted solar power and battery storage like never before. Click the “Add to Cart” button now and transform the way you access electricity with the EcoFlow Delta 2 Max. Say goodbye to power interruptions and hello to unmatched reliability and convenience.

Save more when you purchase the DELTA 2 Max Smart Extra Battery with your portable power station.

Still unsure ? Check out our guide on EcoFlow vs Bluetti.

Weight 23.15 kg
Dimensions 49.7 × 24.2 × 30.5 cm

1 review for EcoFlow Delta 2 Max Portable Power Station – Delta 2 Max

  1. Eco Flow Fan

    Delta 2 Max is amazing. Purchased for backup power and caravan camping. Runs all our household appliances as well as the air conditioner in the caravan. Absolute game changer. Love it !

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Product Name EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max
Capacity 2048Wh to 6144Wh with expandable design
AC Input 230V X-Stream 2300W, 10A
Solar Input 1000W Max, 11V-60V, 15A Max; 500W per port
AC Output 230V 2400W (Surge 4800W), X-Boost 3000W
DC Output 2USB-A / 2USB-A fast charge / 2USB-C 100W / 1Car power outlet / 2*DC5521
Battery LFP chemistry, 3000 cycles to >80% capacity
Connection Wi-Fi
Version 220-240V: EU, Intl, UK, AU
Dimension 49.7 x 24.2 x 30.5  cm
Weight 23.15kg
What’s in the box AC Charging Cable, Solar Charging Cable, Car Charging Cable, User Manual, Warranty Card

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