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Charge 1kWh in only 1.3 hours

Charge 8× faster while you drive with the EcoFlow 800W Alternator Charger and recharge your Delta 2 power station in only 1.3 hours. With the EcoFlow 800W Alternator Charger, charge 8 times faster than with traditional vehicle auxiliary power outlets simply by using excess energy generated by your vehicle. The charger uses its onboard DC-DC converter to restore your EcoFlow power station’s energy while you drive.

8x faster charging

Triple the value with a 3-in-1 functional design

The 3-in-1 charger, maintainer, and jump starter saves time, money, and precious in-vehicle space.

With its smart and efficient fast charging capabilities, you’ll stay powered no matter how long you’re on the road.

3-in-1 charger

Charging Mode

Use your car’s alternator to refuel your portable power station.

Reverse Charging Mode

Recharge your vehicle starter battery or RV house battery using your portable power station.

Battery Maintenance Mode

Recharge your vehicle starter battery or RV house battery using your portable power station.

Extend your RV house battery runtime

Conveniently adapts to 12V/24V RV house batteries. Connects to EcoFlow portable power stations and protects RV house batteries while expanding energy storage capacity by up to 7.2kWh*. *With EcoFlow DELTA Pro and DELTA Pro Extra Battery

RV Battery

Safety-assured for any journey

With a high thermal resistance, Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology ensures safe charging every single time. The 800W Alternator Charger offers multiple safety features, including under voltage protection that prevents excessive energy use and damage to the starting battery. Comes with a 2-year warranty.

Clean, easy install without leaving a mark

Connect your 800W Alternator Charger to your vehicle’s starter battery or RV’s house battery.

Step 1 : Connect the fuse cable to the input cable on one end.

Step 2: Connect the fuse cable to the vehicle battery on the other end.

Step 3: Connect the black cable to the chassis terminal.

Step 4: Thread the other end of the input cable through the car body towards the charger. If the input cable is bulky or difficult to pull through, disconnect the cable ends before threading.

Step 5: Plug the other side of the input cable into the EcoFlow 800W Alternator Charger.

Step 6: Plug in the output cable from the EcoFlow 800W Alternator Charger to the portable power station.

install steps alternator charger

Compatible with EcoFlow Portable Power Stations

Alternator Charger Compatibility

What’s In The Box


What's in the box

*The 800W refers to the speed under full power charging. The charging power is related to the car generator’s current and operating condition.

* For the installation of the Alternator Charger, please refer to the video or illustrated installation guide provided by EcoFlow. We recommend that the wiring process be completed by a professional. Before use, please review the installation video or illustrations to ensure correct usage.

Installation Video : EcoFlow 800W Alternator Charger Installation

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Additional information

Weight 2.3 kg
Dimensions 24.2 × 19.4 × 3.5 cm






Net Weight

5.1 lb (2.3 kg)

Dimensions (W × D × H)

9.5×7.6×1.4 in

(242×194×35 mm)


Frequency: 2412MHz-2472MHz

Maximum output power: <20dBm


Frequency: 2402MHz-2480MHz

Maximum output power: <10dBm

Charging Mode

Input: 11V-31V, 76A Max.

Output: 40V-60V, 800W Max.

Battery Maintenance Mode

Input: 40V-60V, 3A Max.

Output: 13.8V/27.6V, 100W Max.

Reverse Charging Mode

Input: 40V-60V, 21A Max.

Output: 13.8V/27.6V, 800W Max.

Fuse’s Rated Current


Protection Type

Reverse polarity protection

Overcurrent protection

Short circuit protection

Overvoltage protection

Undervoltage protection

Operating Temperature

–20℃ to 60℃

Storage Temperature

–30℃ to 70℃

Operating Humidity


Storage Humidity


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