Small Generator Size Guide 1kva- 2kva

Yamaha ef200IS generator

A small generator would generally be considered as a machine rated less than a 2KVA – 2.4KVA generator. Anything larger than this starts to become a little heavier and bulky.

Here are some tables to assist in selecting the right small generator based on your power requirements. These tables provide estimates of the typical appliances that various rated generators can run simultaneously:

Table 1: Small Generator Wattage Requirements for Common Appliances and Devices

Appliance/DeviceEstimated Wattage (W)Estimated KVA (kVA)
LED Light Bulb (60W)8-100.008-0.010
Refrigerator (Full Size)800-12000.800-1.200
Microwave Oven (800W)1000-15001.000-1.500
Window Air Conditioner1000-40001.000-4.000
Television (LED/LCD)50-4000.050-0.400
Electric Stove (One Burner)1000-15001.000-1.500
Sump Pump750-15000.750-1.500
Heating System (Gas Furnace)500-8000.500-0.800
Water Heater (Electric)3000-45003.000-4.500

Table 2: Small Generator Size Recommendations for Common Power Needs

Rated Generator Size (W)Appliances/Devices You Can Power SimultaneouslyEstimated KVA (kVA) Range
1000W – 2000WLED lights, laptop, small refrigerator, TV, fan1.000-2.000
3000W – 4000WLED lights, laptop, full-size refrigerator, TV, fan3.000-4.000
5000W – 7000WLED lights, laptop, refrigerator, microwave, TV, fan, heater5.000-7.000
8000W – 10000WLED lights, laptop, refrigerator, microwave, TV, fan, heater, sump pump8.000-10.000
12000W and aboveLED lights, laptop, refrigerator, microwave, TV, fan, heater, sump pump, electric stove, water heater, air conditioner12.000 and above
small generator

We recommend choosing a small generator with at least 20% more power than you require simultaneously. Please note that running your generator without 25% electrical load, or overloading the generator will damage your generator and void manufacturer warranty.

Please note that these are general estimates, and actual power requirements may vary based on the specific make and model of your appliances. It’s crucial to consult the appliance’s user manual or check the label for precise wattage information.

When selecting a small generator, consider not only the size and weight, but also the continuous power requirements and any start up surges that appliances may have. Choosing a small generator with a rated output slightly higher than your calculated total wattage needs ensures a margin of safety and prevents overloading.

Always consult the generator’s specifications and consult with a qualified electrician or generator expert if you have specific power requirements or complex setups.

Video: Choosing the Right Generator for your Air Conditioner

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By way of example the Honda 3.2kva weighs 26.5kg versus the Yamaha Ef2000is 2kva weighing in at 20kg. The dimensions of the Honda 3.2kva machine are similar in height with the Yamaha 2kva however the Honda 3.2kva is 26mm wider. This can be a consideration when it comes to storing and travelling with a generator. Whilst manufactures measure the sound levels in different ways, on face value the larger Honda generator is 7.5db louder than the smaller Yamaha 2kva. Something to also factor in if you are camping.

Honda Eu32IU 3.2kvaYamaha Ef2000is 2kva
Specifications:Model Name: EU32i
Engine: GX130 4-stroke OHC engine
Bore x Stroke: 56mm x 53mm
Fuel System: PGM-FI
Fuel Tank Capacity: 4.6L
Cooling System: Air cooled
Engine Speed: 4,800-5,500 (eco-throttle off)
Ignition System: Full transistor
Oil Capacity: 0.46 L
Rated Output: 2.6KVA
Maximum Output: 3.2KVA
Noise Levels at 53~59 dB(A)
Dimensions and Weight:
Length: 571mm
Width: 306mm
Height: 452mm
Weight: 26.5kgs
Engine Type OHV MZ80 Air Cooled
Displacement (cc)79.0
Power Rating (W)2000.0
Rated Voltage (V)230
Frequency (Hz)50
Rated Output (kVA)1.6
Max Output2.3kW (3.1hp) 4500rpm
DC Output12V / 8A
Starter System Recoil
Alternator Brushless
Fuel Tank Capacity (L)4.4
Operating Hours 10.5 (Eco On)
Noise Level (dBA)51.5 (7m)
Dimensions and Weight:
Length (mm)490
Width (mm)280
Height (mm)445
Dry Weight (kg)20

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