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Uninterrupted Power: Bluetti EP500Pro 5120Wh

The Ultimate 3000W Solar Power Solution

Say hello to the Bluetti EP500Pro 3000W, a solar power station designed to keep you connected, powered, and operational, no matter where you are. With a massive 5100Wh LiFePO4 battery offering over 6000+ charge cycles and a hefty 3000W pure sine wave output, the EP500Pro is your logical partner for extensive power needs, backed by a solid 2-year warranty.

This class-leading power station brings you the power to run your entire party, family camping trip, cabin workshops, or even your whole house for a day or two in the event of an unexpected outage. Up to 14 outlet sources allow you to power anything from laptops and air conditioners to your electric vehicles without breaking a sweat.

  • Bluetti EP500 Pro 3000W Pure Sine Wave Output
  • Movable Power Station
  • In-grid UPS Mode & Flexible UPS Mode(24/7)
  • Off-grid Energy Storage
  • Multiple Devices Can Be Loaded Simultaneously
  • Multiple Recharging Options To Keep Your EP500 Always On
  • App Remote Control
  • Smart Touchscreen

Bluetti EP500P lifestyle

Power at Your Fingertips

Movable Power Solution: Designed for flexibility, the EP500Pro moves with your power needs, ensuring seamless energy access across various environments.

Innovative UPS Modes: Choose from In-grid UPS for constant power or Flexible UPS for around-the-clock energy storage solutions, ensuring your essentials remain powered during outages.

Off-grid Energy Independence: Perfect for remote locations, the EP500Pro provides a reliable off-grid energy solution, powering multiple devices simultaneously without a hitch.

Diverse Charging Options: Keep your EP500Pro ready and waiting with flexible recharging options, ensuring it’s always on when you need it.

Control at a Distance: With app remote control functionality, manage your power station from anywhere, ensuring ease of use and convenience.

Intuitive Smart Touchscreen: Navigate your power station’s features and settings with ease, thanks to a user-friendly smart touchscreen interface.

Unmatched Features for Every Need

  • All-in-One Backup Power Station: Equipped with a ground breaking 5100Wh LiFePO4 battery and a 3000W pure sine wave AC inverter, the EP500Pro is capable of powering everything from your family camping trips to your entire home during unexpected outages.
  • Safety and Evolution: Featuring an advanced Battery Management System and durable LiFePO4 chemistry, the EP500Pro offers unmatched safety and longevity. Its dual-core microcomputer and internet connectivity allow for effortless firmware upgrades, ensuring your power station is always at the forefront of technology.
  • Seamless UPS Backup: Automatically transitioning to your home’s energy source during grid failures, the EP500Pro provides a quiet, maintenance-free, and eco-friendly alternative to traditional generators. Compatible with up to 1200W MPPT solar input, it ensures your appliances keep running smoothly, significantly reducing concerns over power disruptions.

Bluetti EP500P lifestyle 2

Designed for Versatility

Whether powering a remote work setup, ensuring your family’s comfort during an outage, or running tools in your workshop, the Bluetti EP500Pro 3000W adapts to your specific power needs. Its expansive array of outlet sources and solar recharging capability means you’ll never have to worry about running out of power, regardless of the occasion.

Embrace the reliability, safety, and convenience and transform how you experience energy independence and resilience.

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EP500P features



Reviewed by Jason


I think this unit is well made, sleek & compact for the amount of battery capacity it has. I like that it has wheels to make it easy to move, given its weight.

My only feedback is that it would be great if the unit came with a 10A charging cable, as most houses in Australia do not have 15A power points.

However, I am very happy with the product over all, and can’t wait to be able to use it more (hopefully by choice and not due to an extended blackout! lol!)


Reviewed by Jeny


My new power station arrived promptly and is working well . I have been very happy with my previous Bluetti power station , (that is still working ) and look forward to the extra power my ‘Bluetti EP500 pro’ will give me


Reviewed by Mal


I have had my Ep500pro for many months now. I love it. So easy to use and I am off grid for my home mostly now. Still have the grid connected to my home for those heavily clouded days. Recently had my controlled load accessed from the grid so I can boost the battery SOC overnight off peak rate with one of it’s features at a .12c.
Just love it and highly recommend. I’d have another one they are so good.


Reviewed by John


Amazing technology, use it everyday, as a ups during the day and switch to timed ups (on battery at nigh, remotely on Wi-Fi so no power bills for the 3 fridges connected
I have an ep500 too, same deal, no concerns about power outages.

Best gear !

EP500P App Control

Check out the Bluetti EP500

Weight 83 kg
Dimensions 50 × 30 × 76 cm


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General Information Details
EP500 Pro AC Rated Power 3000W (Surge: 6000W)
– 3000W<load<3750W for 2min
– 3750W<load<4500W for 5s
– 4500W<load<6000W for 500ms
EP500 Pro Net Weight ≈83kg (182lbs)
Dimensions 580300760mm (22.811.829.9in)
Battery Capacity 5100Wh (100Ah)
Battery Cell Type LiFePO4
Rated Life Cycle 3500+
Charge Temperature 0°C ~ 40°C (32°F ~104°F)
Storage Ambient Temperature -25°C ~ 40°C (-13°F ~104°F)
Working Environment Humidity 10-90%
Certification UL2743, UKCA, RCM, PSE, FCC, CE
Warranty Period 5 Years
Input Specs
EP500 Pro AC Input 3000W Max
EP500 Pro PV Input or T400 Input 2400W Max, 35-150VDC, 12A*2,12V/24V,8.2A
Output Specs
EP500 Pro USB-C 2*100W
EP500 Pro AC 220-240VAC*3
USB-A 2Quick Charging, 36W Total, 25VDC, 3A Total
Cigarette Lighter 1*12VDC, 10A
RV (Aviation Port) 1*12VDC, 30A
DC 5521 2*12VDC, 10A Total
Wireless Charging Pad 2*5/7.5/10/15W
Optional Accessories
Solar Panels BLUETTI PV120/MP200/PV350
AC Adapter T500/T400
External Battery Connection Cable Available
Car Charging Cable EP500PRO Car Charging Cable
12V RV Cable Available
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