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Unlock Unparalleled Power with the Zeal 150Ah Lithium Battery

At just 19.6kg, welcome to a new era of energy storage with the Zeal 150Ah Lithium Battery. This 12V marvel redefines your energy needs with a compact, efficient, and versatile design that delivers exceptional performance and endurance. Zeal batteries are an economical solution from Sealed Performance Batteries (SPB) Australia.

The Zeal 150Ah Lithium Battery represents a fusion of innovation and precision. Drawing upon SPB’s extensive experience in the energy storage sector, this battery showcases unwavering quality and state-of-the-art technology.

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Safety is at the core of the Zeal 150Ah Lithium Battery. Its robust design ensures stability and security, thanks to advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) cells that offer remarkable protection and reliability.

The intelligent lithium Battery is equipped with an integrated Battery Management System (BMS), this battery provides comprehensive protection against overcharge, discharge, temperature fluctuations, and short circuits. Your power supply remains steady and dependable, even in challenging conditions.

The Zeal 150Ah Lithium Battery transcends mere replacement; it’s a transformation unlocking weight savings and more portable power.

With an impressive 5-year warranty, it fully embraces the benefits of LiFePO4 technology. This includes rapid recharging, minimal self-discharge rates, extended runtime, and an increased usable capacity, guaranteeing an uninterrupted power supply.

For those with larger power requirements, you can connect multiple batteries in parallel or series configurations for extended off-grid adventures to backup and emergency power scenarios.

  • Off-Grid Sustainability
  • Recreational Vehicles and Marine Power
  • Renewable Energy Storage
  • Emergency Backup Power Solutions
  • Mobile and Portable Energy Solutions
  • Solar Energy Systems
  • Industrial and Commercial Applications
  • Outdoor Adventures
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Power Solutions

Zeal Lithium Advantages

Thinking about upgrading your AGM battery ? This is the perfect replacement option. Zeal comes complete with a 3-year warranty and all the features you would expect from a LiFePO4 product including fast recharge capabilities, low self-discharge rate, long runtime and more usable capacity for power when you need it most.

Up to 4 batteries can also be connected in parallel or series configurations to meet the needs of more demanding 12v or 24v systems.

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Compare all Zeal Models :

Model Description Length Width Height Terminal
Weight Kgs
SLZ12V100S Zeal Lithium 12V 100Ah 306 167 211 M8 12.8 100 100 4S or 4P 12.8
SLZ12V150S Zeal Lithium 12V 150Ah 483 170 241 M8 12.8 150 150 4S or 4P 19.6
SLZ12V200S Zeal Lithium 12V 200Ah 483 170 241 M8 12.8 200 200 4S or 4P 26.1
SLZ12V300S Zeal Lithium 12V 300Ah 520 269 222 M8 12.8 300 200 4S or 4P 39.0
Weight 19.6 kg
Dimensions 48.3 × 17 × 24.1 cm

Amp Hour (Ah)


Battery Voltage


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Model SLZ12V150S
Description Zeal Lithium 12V 150Ah
Length (mm) 483
Width (mm) 170
Height (mm) 241
Terminal Type M8
Nominal Voltage (V) 12.8
Nominal Capacity (Ah) 150
Max Discharge Current (A) 150
Max Series/Parallel Config. 4S or 4P
Weight (Kgs) 19.6


Specifications Value
Nominal Voltage 12.8V
Nominal Capacity (25°C, 0.33C) 150Ah
– Length 483±3mm
– Width 170±3mm
– Height 241±3mm
– Total Height 241±3mm
Approx. Weight 19.6kg
– Terminal type M8
– Max Charge Voltage 14.6V±0.2V
– Standby Voltage 13.8±0.2V
– Cut-off Voltage 10V
– Max. Discharge Current 150A
– Max Pulse Discharge Current (3 sec) 400A
– Max Charge Current 150A
– Recommended Charge Current < 75A
Cycle Life (100% DoD) 1800+
Operating Temp – Charge 0°C – 45°C
Operating Temp – Discharge -20°C – 60°C
Short Circuit Release Yes
Max. Series / Parallel Configuration 4S or 4P
Cell Type Prismatic
Cell Chemistry Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
BMS Protection Yes
Warranty 5 Years

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