Renogy 60A DC-DC Battery Charger 12V

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Renogy REGO 12V 60A DC to DC Battery Charger

The Renogy 60A DC-DC battery charger is a versatile solution designed to ensure seamless power management and charging for your vehicles and vessels. Engineered with exclusive bidirectional charging technology, this charger offers a unique approach to powering your house batteries from the starter battery while on the move. Moreover, it intelligently maintains your starter battery once the house batteries reach full capacity, ensuring both systems operate at peak performance throughout your journey.

Effortless Installation and Operation

Experience hassle-free installation with REGO’s innovative Anderson terminals, which reduce connection time by 60%. Say goodbye to complex data settings—the intuitive design allows you to switch between batteries effortlessly with just a turn of a knob.

Optimized Charging Efficiency

Benefit from advanced 4-stage charging technology, including Bulk, Float, Absorption, and Equalize modes, maximizing charging efficiency and extending battery lifespan for reliable performance on every trip.

Compatibility and Versatility

The Renogy 60A DC-DC battery charger is compatible with a wide range of batteries, including AGM, SLD, Flooded, Gel, and Lithium variants, offering a versatile solution for various applications. It seamlessly integrates with both traditional and smart alternators, ensuring compatibility with diverse power systems.

Integrated Safety Features

Rest assured knowing your batteries and electrical systems are protected with REGO’s comprehensive safety features, including Overvoltage Protection, Overtemperature Protection, and Reverse Polarity Protection. With multiple safety certifications, including FCC-ID, CE-RED, MIC, and more, you can trust REGO for reliable and safe operation in any environment.

Compatible with Renogy ONE M1 & Core

For added convenience and compatibility, the REGO DC-DC Battery Charger is designed to work seamlessly with Renogy ONE M1 & Core systems, providing enhanced functionality and performance.

Technical Specifications:

  • System Voltage: 12V
  • Rated Max Charge Power: 800W
  • Rated Max Charge Current: 60A
  • Self-Consumption: ≤50 mA
  • Max. Alternator Input Current: 70A
  • Max. Alternator Input Power: 800W
  • Charge Efficiency: Up to 94%
  • Max. Alternator Input Voltage: 16V
  • Battery Operating Range: 10 -16V
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20 ℃ – 60℃
  • Storage Temperature Range: -35 ℃ – 65℃
  • Humidity: 0%-95%, No Condensation
  • Dimensions (L x W x D): 353.53 X 212.75 X 102.21mm

The Renogy REGO 12V 60A DC-DC Battery Charger is an essential companion for caravans, 4wd’s, RVs, commercial vehicles, boats, yachts, and campers in need of stable battery charging on the go.

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