Renogy 2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter Charger

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2000W 12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter Charger With LCD

The Renogy 2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter Charger, a versatile powerhouse designed to complement your off-grid lifestyle. Beyond its primary function of converting stored DC power into standard AC power, this device boasts a multitude of applications, making it a must-have for various scenarios. Redefine power solutions with a dual-purpose dynamo.
  • Compatible with diverse battery types.
  • 6000W peak output with >90% conversion efficiency.
  • Pure Sine Wave technology safeguards delicate appliances.
  • 4-Stage battery charging for optimal performance.
  • Multiple electrical protections for enhanced safety.

Empowering Off-Grid Living

Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors or seeking refuge in a remote cabin, the Renogy 2000W Inverter Charger ensures you stay connected. Not only does it effortlessly power your electronic devices, but it also serves as a reliable battery charger and maintainer when hooked up to shore power. With newfound compatibility with Lithium batteries, it caters to evolving energy storage needs.

Seamless Power Transition

Experience uninterrupted power supply with minimal transfer time. The Renogy inverter charger seamlessly switches between solar and shore power, ensuring a smooth transition without disrupting your energy flow. Clean energy for all your devices and appliances.

Innovative Features for Enhanced Convenience

Equipped with an LCD and LED display, monitoring and programming your inverter has never been easier. Stay informed about its status and access various features effortlessly. Plus, with a robust and sleek design, it’s as durable as it is stylish, blending seamlessly into any environment.

Advanced Charging Capabilities

Tailor your charging experience with the 4-stage battery charger offering configurable charging currents. Choose from 8 pre-set battery voltages, including Lithium, or define your own options. Additionally, the automatic generator start option provides added convenience and peace of mind.

Efficiency and Safety Combined

Experience high-quality waveform with minimal harmonic distortion, ensuring optimal performance for your devices. With peak efficiency exceeding 90% and ETL listing, rest assured knowing your inverter charger is not only efficient but also backed by stringent safety standards. Multiple electronic protections further safeguard your investment, ensuring worry-free operation for years to come.


  • Robust and sleek design
  • LCD and LED display used to view inverter status and programming features
  • Offers high quality waveform with little harmonic distortion
  • 4-Stage battery charger with configurable charging current
  • 8 Pre-Set battery voltages including Lithium; User-defined option available
  • Automatic generator start option
  • Peak efficiency >90%
  • ETL listed with multiple electronic protections

Renogy 2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter Charger Specifications

Rated output power: 2000W
Surge Power (1 second): 6000W
Nominal Output Voltage RMS: 230VAC (200~240VAC, 10V interval)
Output Frequency (Nominal): 50 Hz
Input Voltage Range: 10~16 VDC
Output Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
Nominal Efficiency: > 90% Peak
No Load Power Consumption: Normal: <20W; Power Saving: <15W Battery Types Supported: GEL, AGM, SLA, FLD, CAL, LI, USER Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 40°C / 32 ~ 104°F Dimensions: 510 x 285 x 193 mm Weight: 23.2 Kg Output Current: 5-65A; configurable, 5A intervals Optimal Efficiency: >85%
Nominal Input Voltage: 230 VAC
Input Voltage Range: 155-275 VAC
Input Frequency Range: 40Hz – 70Hz
Input Wave Form: Sine Wave (Utility or Generator)
Transfer Time: ~ 10ms
Transfer Relay Rating: 30A

Elevate your off-grid experience with the Renogy 2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter Charger, your ultimate backup power source for every adventure.

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Weight 23.2 kg
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