Kubota GL9000 Diesel Generator 8.8KVA


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Unveiling the Kubota GL9000 Diesel Generator: Your Ultimate Power Solution

Unleash the power of the Kubota GL9000 8kva diesel generator, a top-of-the-line two-pole marvel that operates in serene silence, offering uninterrupted energy for all your needs. This direct-coupled, single-phase diesel generator is designed to redefine your power experience.

With an impressive capacity of 8.8kVA at a brisk 3000RPM, this Kubota generator delivers a steady 33.3 amps at 240 volts, ensuring a reliable and consistent energy supply.

Whether you’re planning for to go off-grid, safeguarding your home or business with solar backup, the Kubota GL9000 diesel generator is your go-to choice.

What sets our digital models apart is the inclusion of a remote 2-wire auto-start feature, specially designed for seamless solar backup integration. Say goodbye to energy interruptions and hello to uninterrupted power flow.

At the heart of this generator is the legendary Kubota D722 engine, known worldwide for its exceptional performance and unwavering reliability. With a remarkable runtime of 8.5 hours at full load, the Kubota GL9000 diesel generator becomes your trusted ally during those critical moments when you can’t afford to be without power.

Elevate your power backup strategy with the Kubota GL9000 generator – where innovation meets dependability, ensuring you’re never left in the dark when it matters most.

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Weight 295 kg
Dimensions 128.1 × 61.8 × 69.8 cm





SKU: Kubota_GL9000_Diesel

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General Specifications

Name: GL9000A | GL9000D
Fuel Type: Diesel | Diesel
Phase: Single | Single
Fuel Tank Capacity: 28 l | 28 l
Operating Hours @ 3/4 Load: 8.5 hours | 8.5 hours
Starting System: Electric | Electric
Weight: 295 kg | 295 kg
Sound Levels @7m: 68 dBA | 68 dBA
Dimensions: 1281 x 618 x 698 mm | 1281 x 618 x 698 mm
Controller: Analog | Digital – DSE4520

Engine Specifications

Name: GL9000A | GL9000D
Model: D772-EB | D772-EB
Type: Vertical Water Cooled | Vertical Water Cooled
Displacement: 0.719 cc | 0.719 cc
No of Cylinders: 3 | 3
Bore & Stroke: 67 x 68 mm | 67 x 68 mm
Max Output: 11.3 kW (15.2 hp) | 11.3 kW (15.2 hp)
Rated Output: 10.3 kW (13.8 hp) | 10.3 kW (13.8 hp)
RPM: 3000 rpm | 3000 rpm

Alternator Specifications

Name: GL9000A | GL9000D
Type: Revolving Field | Revolving Field
Max Output: 8.8 kVA | 8.8 kVA
Rated Output: 8 kVA | 8 kVA
Voltage: 240 | 240
Frequency: 50 Hz | 50 Hz
Current: 33.3 Amps | 33.3 Amps
Power Factor: 1 | 1
Poles: 2 | 2
Voltage Regulation: AVR | AVR

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Kubota GL9000 Diesel Generator Kubota GL9000 Diesel Generator 8.8KVA

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