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SNLH95D Invicta Hybrid Lithium 95D 12V 80Ah 1200CCA

Dimensions (LxWxH): 305x172x203/224mm

The Invicta Hybrid Lithium series is engineered to deliver dual functionality, providing both high CCA starting power for reliable engine starts and deep cycle performance to sustain energy flow. Ideal for automotive, marine, 4WD, and caravan applications, this series features smart BMS protection and under-bonnet installation capabilities, along with a built-in jump-start feature.

Designed to seamlessly replace existing AGM or starter batteries, Invicta Hybrid utilizes A123 Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) pouch cells—among the safest and highest-performing lithium chemistries available. Experience enhanced efficiency with a faster recharge time, extended runtime, and up to 50% reduction in weight compared to traditional AGM batteries.

The Invicta Hybrid range includes a convenient Bluetooth monitoring app that not only tracks your battery’s performance but also remotely activates the jump-start feature—ideal for difficult-to-reach installations or when you prefer not to manually access the battery compartment.

Special models like SNLHMAX, SNLHMAXL, and SNLHLN4MAX come equipped with a Dual BMS, enabling higher discharge and charge rates suitable for demanding applications such as winching. The flagship Invicta Hybrid Lithium 95D 12V 80Ah Starter Battery boasts 1200 CCA and exceptional charge and discharge flexibility, making it a top choice for powering vehicle and marine accessories.

Key Features:

  • 3-year full replacement warranty.
  • Lightweight and heat-resistant LiFePO4 chemistry.
  • Engineered BMS for robust charge/discharge performance.
  • Pouch cell design enhances charging flexibility.
  • IP56 rating and IEC certifications (IEC62133, UN38.3) ensure reliability and safety.
  • Direct charging capability from the alternator.

Jump Start Feature: Enhance your adventures with the confidence-boosting Jump Start feature. This essential function ensures that the Battery Management System (BMS) automatically sets aside a small reserve capacity specifically for starting or cranking your vehicle, even if the main battery capacity becomes over-discharged. Should you deplete the primary battery capacity and find yourself unable to start your vehicle, simply press the designated button on the battery. This action activates the reserved capacity, providing you with a 30-second window to start your engine smoothly.

Choose Invicta Hybrid for a high-performance, versatile battery solution that elevates the functionality and accessibility of your energy systems.

Invicta Hybrid Starter batteries have a 3-year full replacement warranty, If you would like to register your battery you can do this via the Invicta
Lithium website www.invictalithium.com.au/warranty-registration/. A copy of the warranty statement can be found at www.invictalithium.
com.au. If you unsure if your battery will be covered under warranty in its current application or if you are having issues with your Invicta battery, please
contact the team at SPB on 1300 001 772.

Engineered BMS: The Invicta Hybrid Starter range is distinguished by its advanced BMS, which is crucial for optimal performance. This BMS is unique due to its broad operational parameters and its automatic reservation of capacity for the Jump Start feature. It allows the battery to achieve internal temperatures up to 80°C before disconnecting, supporting high discharge and charge rates. This versatility provides both installers and users with greater flexibility in application suitability and battery installation.

Heat Resistant Technology: The Invicta Hybrid Starter range incorporates heat-resistant technology to protect against extreme temperatures, especially when installed under a bonnet. This technology features a specially designed thermal protection layer and a unique lithium paste used in the A123 pouch cell construction, enhancing the battery’s durability and performance in high-heat environments.

Premium A123 Pouch Cells: Utilized by leading automotive manufacturers like Mercedes, A123 pouch cells are selected for their reliability and superior performance characteristics. These cells support high discharge and charge rates, allowing the battery to deliver up to 1400 CCA and maintain 800A of continuous current. Additionally, they are capable of being charged directly from most vehicle alternators.

Additional Features:

  • 3-Year Full Replacement Warranty: Ensure peace of mind with a comprehensive warranty that must be registered at the time of purchase.
  • Bluetooth Monitoring: Keep track of battery performance and health through a convenient app.
  • Drop-In Starter Battery Replacement: Easily replace existing batteries with our lightweight, high-performance units.
  • LiFePO4 Chemistry: Benefit from lightweight and durable battery chemistry.
  • Flexible Pouch Cell Design: Offers enhanced discharge and charging flexibility.
  • Jump Start Feature: An essential for emergencies, allowing for immediate engine starts.
  • High CCA Capabilities: Ensures reliable starting power in various conditions.
  • Direct Charging: Capable of charging directly from the vehicle’s alternator.
  • Standard Automotive Case Sizes: Designed to fit most vehicles with no modifications needed.
  • Designed for High-Heat Applications: Built to withstand extreme temperatures.
  • IP56 Rated: Dust and water-resistant for durability in various environments.
  • IEC Certification: Meets international safety and performance standards (IEC62133, UN38.3).

This comprehensive suite of features makes the Invicta Hybrid Starter range ideal for a wide array of automotive applications, ensuring reliability, versatility, and performance.

Cross reference: MF70ZZ, S95D31R, 27H-780, 105D31R, N70ZZ, 4705, MFM27MF, XV27MF, MS27750, MFM70, 7601, MFDC27, HDC27, 7702


Invicta Hybrid Lithium Fitment Guide

Invicta Hybrid Manual

Invicta Hybrid Spec Sheet

Invicta Hybrid Warranty Statement

Weight 10.2 kg
Dimensions 30.5 × 17.2 × 22.4 cm


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