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Discover the exceptional features that set Enerdrive 100W Solar Panel apart from the rest. Enerdrive solar panels are designed to deliver optimum performance and efficiency for your energy needs.

  1. Voltage Compatibility: These solar panels typically operate at 20+vdc open circuit, making them perfectly suited for 12V installations. For those with 24V setups, our panels can be easily adapted through series connections.
  2. Versatile Range: Enerdrive offers a diverse range of Mono & Poly Crystalline solar panels, ranging from 10 to 200 watts. Each module maintains an open circuit voltage of approximately 20+vdc, ensuring compatibility with 12V installations (or adaptable to 24V through series connections).
  3. Convenient Connectivity: To streamline your installation process,  the 10W and 20W panels come with fly lead cables for hassle-free connections. For larger panels, we provide MC4 compatible solar cable connectors, ensuring a secure and efficient setup.
  4. Comprehensive Support: At KVA Generator, we take pride in offering unparalleled support for all our solar products. With numerous distributors worldwide producing solar panels, choosing the right supplier is crucial. KVA Generator becomes your trusted single point of contact for all your solar needs, including product information, warranty inquiries, and, most importantly, dependable customer support.
  5. Local Warranty Assurance: When you choose Enerdrive, you’re choosing a company committed to your satisfaction. They stand by the quality of their products with solid 5 year warranties.

Enerdrive 100W Solar Panel is not just about energy generation; it’s about trust, reliability, and unmatched support. Choose KVA Generator for your solar needs, and experience the difference in quality and service.

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Weight 7.9 kg
Dimensions 119.5 × 54.1 × 3.5 cm

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Enerdrive Part Number SP-EN100W
Max Power Pm(W) 100
Power Tolerance % – 1% ∼ + 3%
Max Power Voltage Vm(V) 18.7
Max Power Current Im(A) 5.35
Open Circuit Voltage Voc(V) 22.60
Short Circuit Current Isc(A) 5.69
Max System Voltage (VDC) 1000
Dimensions (mm) 1195 x 541 x 35
Weight (kg) 8.1
Test Conditions 1000W/m² , AM1.5 , 25°C
Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.
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