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Australian Design – Australian Quality Since 1928

Built tough and built to last, the Century 200Ah Lithium Pro battery promises not just power but peace of mind, ensuring you’re always ready for the next journey.

Century Batteries have been designing and making batteries in Australia for 96 years and offer a solid 5 Year Warranty on all their lithium Batteries. You can be confident your investment is safe with a Century Lithium Battery.

Innovative Technology Meets Rugged Durability

At the core of the Century 200Ah Lithium Pro Battery is the advanced LiFePO4 technology, offering over 3000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge. That equates to 10 years of daily usage before your Century battery reaches 80% of  the original capacity. This battery is coupled with an internal BMS and advanced Bluetooth Monitoring System, keeping you informed about your battery’s health and performance directly on your smart device.

Trust Century Batteries

You can trust Century Batteries to take you anywhere with power you can rely on for years to come. The Century 200Ah Lithium Pro battery ensures consistent power delivery and superior energy capacity, fitting snugly into a smaller footprint and half the weight of an AGM battery. Its exceptional recharge efficiency means less charging time and more adventure.

Proof in Performance

  • 200Ah capacity with a lightweight design, ideal for weight-sensitive applications.
  • Rapid recharging, 10 times faster than conventional batteries.
  • Bluetooth monitoring for real-time performance insights.
  • Integrated Battery Management System
  • IP65 rated for dust and water resistance, ensuring durability in various Australian conditions.
  • Optimal performance in a temperature range of 0ºC to 45ºC.



5 star reviews
“I purchased this battery for a trip around the country so far it is performing great. The built in Bluetooth BMS and Century app is a very handy feature”

5 star reviews
“Purchased this battery a few months ago, since installation it has been running a fridge 24/7 alongside lights and charging accessories. Paired with solar and a 40amp DC charger it has not skipped a beat so far. Bluetooth app is fantastic and saves having buy a Bluetooth monitor separately.”

Join the Lithium Power Revolution Today!

Don’t compromise on quality, make it a Century battery ! Upgrade to the Century 200Ah Lithium Pro and experience the future of portable power. Perfect for motorhomes, RVs, boats, and off-grid applications. Your adventure awaits – power it with Century Lithium Pro. Hit the add to cart button now and we will ship this battery to your door with our express delivery service.

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Weight 24.5 kg
Dimensions 48.3 × 17 × 24.1 cm

Amp Hour (Ah)


Battery Voltage


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Specification Details
Model C12-200XLi
Warranty 3 years (recreational)
Technology LiFePO4
Cell Structure Prismatic Cell
Voltage 12.8V
Ah 200Ah
Watt-Hour 2560Wh
Number of Cycles 3000+ @ 80% DOD
Weight 24.5Kg
Terminal Type M8 Terminal bolts (10-12Nm)
Standard Charging Current 50A
Standard Discharge Current 100A
Charging Temperature 0ºC to +45ºC
Charging Voltage 14.4V
Maximum Charging Current 150A @25ºC
Maximum Discharge Current 150A @25ºC
Discharge Temperature -20ºC to +55ºC
Maximum Connection 4 in series, 2 in parallel
Case Material ABS
IP Rating IP65
Dimensions 483 (L) x 170 (W) x 241 (H) mm

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