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Bluetti AC200P – When Less is More

The Bluetti AC200P Power Station stands as a versatile solar power solution, perfectly tailored for a variety of uses. This unit reliably powers a broad range of household appliances, including blenders, ice coolers, radios, and projectors. It’s particularly beneficial as a backup system for homes prone to unexpected power outages, offering a sense of security in areas with unstable voltage.  The Bluetti AC200P also feels at home in a caravan, camping, 4WD, off-grid environment.

The Bluetti AC200P Power Station is more than just a household device; it’s an adventure enabler. Whether you’re camping, embracing van life, or embarking on outdoor activities, this power station ensures your devices stay charged for hours. Its capacity to seamlessly power up devices on-the-go makes it an indispensable companion for Australian outdoor adventurers.

One of the key features of the AC200P is its 2000W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter, capable of handling a surge of up to 4,800W. The unit is equipped with a substantial 2,000Wh capacity and is powered by a LiFePO₄ battery, known for over 3,500 life cycles at 80% capacity, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Designed for convenience, the Bluetti AC200P Power Station boasts 13 output ports, catering to multiple devices simultaneously. Its versatility is further enhanced by its seven recharging methods, which include AC, solar, car, generator, lead battery, dual AC, and AC+Solar.

With a maximum solar input of 700W and a fast dual charging capability of 1200W (Solar + AC Adapter), the device offers efficiency and quick recharging.

This eco-friendly power solution operates quietly, and proves to be cost-effective, making it an ideal choice for environmentally conscious users. The BLUETTI AC200P not only delivers reliable power but also does so sustainably and efficiently.

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AC200P AC200Max
Output 2,000W 2,200W
Surge Power 4,800W 4,800W
Capacity 2,000Wh 2,048Wh
Battery Cell LiFePO₄ (Lithium Iron Phosphate) LiFePO₄ (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
Outlets 13 15
AC Input 500W Max. 500W Max.
Solar Input 700W Max., Voc 35-150V, 12A Max. 900W Max., Voc 10-145V, 15A Max.
Car Input 12V/24V from Cigarette Lighter Port 12V/24V from Cigarette Lighter Port
Max Input 1200W Max., with AC+Solar Input 1,400W Max., with AC+Solar Input


AC200P 2 - Bluetti AC200P Power Station

Weight 27.5 kg
Dimensions 42 × 28 × 38.6 cm


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Category Details
Capacity 2000Wh(50V,40Ah)
Cell Chemistry LiFePO₄ (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
Lifecycle 3,500+ Cycles to 80% Original Capacity
Management System MPPT Charge Controller, Low Battery Protection
Shelf-Life Charge Every 3-6 Months
AC Output 2 x 220V-240V Receptacle, 2,000W In Total
Inverter Type Pure Sine Wave
Surge Power 4,800W
USB-C Port 1 x 60W Max
USB-A Port 4 x 5V/3A
12V* DC Outlets 1 x 12V/25A (RV Outlet), 1 x 12V/10A (Car Outlet), 2 x 12V/3A (5.5mm Outlet), *All Regulated
Wireless Charging Pad 2 x 15W Max. (For Each)
AC Adapter Input 500W Max
Solar Input 700W Max. OCV 35-150V, 12A
Car Input 12/24V from Cigarette Lighter Port
Maximum Input 1200W, with AC and Solar Input Simultaneously
AC Adapter (500W) ≈4.5~5 Hours
Solar (700W) ≈3.5~4 Hours (With prime sunshine, ideal orientation and low temperature)
12V/24V Car Outlet (100W/200W) ≈10 or 20 Hours
AC + Solar (1200W) ≈2.3~2.8 Hours (With prime sunshine, ideal orientation and low temperature)
Solar + Solar (1200W) ≈3~3.5 Hours (With Optional Dual Adapters)
Dual AC (1000W) ≈3~3.5 Hours (With Optional Dual Adapters)
Scalability No.
Simultaneous Recharge & Discharge Yes
Weight 60.6 lbs (27.5kg)
Dimensions (LxWxD) 16.5 x 11 x 15.2 in (42 x 28 x 38.65cm)
Operating Temperature 32-104℉ (0-40℃)
Storage Temperature 14-113℉ (-10-45℃)
Certification UL2743, UKCA, TELEC, RCM, FCC ID, CE, PSE, NTC, NOM
Warranty 48 Months


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