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Diesel Generator – or Petrol Generator ?

diesel generator

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Before you buy a diesel generator we recommend researching the pros and cons and the alternatives available. Petrol and diesel generators are invaluable sources of power, providing electricity when and where you need it most.

Whether it’s for home backup power during outages, hospitals, schools, high-rise buildings, factories, data centres, business backup power, mining or powering essential equipment on a job site with a portable diesel generator, choosing the right generator for your needs is crucial.

This guide will help you navigate the diverse world of generators and select the perfect one for your specific needs.

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What Is The Most Reliable Diesel Generator ?

Let’s start by listing some of the leading brands and manufacturers like : Aggreko, Caterpillar (Cat), Cummins, Perkins, Volvo, Deutz, Iveco, Isuzu, Kubota, Powerlink, OzPower, Chicago Pneumatic, Hyundai, Genelite, Genesys, Yanmar, Kohler, Pramac, Mitsubishi, Generac, Atlas Copco, MTU (Rolls-Royce PLC), Hino, Denyo, John Deere, Doosan, FG Wilson, MTU.

What Is A Diesel Generator ?

A diesel generator is a machine that converts diesel fuel into electricity. The diesel engine converts the fuel into mechanical rotating energy and the alternator outputs electricity. This video explains all you need to know.

Consider Your Power Requirements

The first step in choosing a generator is determining your power needs. Consider the appliances, tools, or devices you want to power simultaneously. Start by listing the wattage (in watts) of each item to calculate your total power requirement.

Sample Power Requirement Table

Appliance/ToolWattage (W)
Refrigerator (1/2 HP)800
Air Conditioner (12,000 BTU)1800
Lights (LED)10 (each)
Power Tools (Circular Saw)1500
Total Power Requirement

Tip: Ensure your generator’s rated output (in watts) exceeds your total power requirement to avoid overloading it.

Generators come in various types, each suitable for different purposes. Here are some common generator types and their applications:

Sample Generator Type Table

Generator TypeSuitable ForProsCons
PortableCamping, CaravanningEasy to move, versatileLimited power capacity
InverterSensitive ElectronicsClean and stable power outputHigher cost
Home BackupAutomatic, seamless transitionRequires professional installation
Welding, Job SitesHigh power output, robustHeavy, noisy

Fuel Types:

Generators are powered by various fuels, and your choice depends on availability, convenience, and personal preference. The most common fuel types include petrol, propane, and diesel.

Sample Fuel Type Table

Fuel TypeProsConsSuitable Generator Types
Petrol Easily accessible, widely usedShorter shelf life, can be volatilePortable, Inverter
PropaneClean-burning, long shelf lifeRequires specialized tanksPortable, Standby
Diesel Efficient, widely availableLouder and heavierStandby, Welder

Noise Considerations:

If you value a quieter environment, consider the noise level of your generator. Noise is typically measured in decibels (dB). Inverter generators are known for their quiet operation, making them ideal for camping and residential use.

Sample Noise Level Table

Generator TypeNoise Level (dB)

Runtime and Fuel Efficiency

Runtime refers to how long a generator can operate continuously on a full tank of fuel. It’s essential to consider your power needs and the availability of fuel during extended use, such as during power outages.

Sample Runtime and Fuel Efficiency Table:

Generator TypeRuntime at Full LoadFuel Efficiency (hrs/gallon)
Portable4-8 hours3-6
Inverter6-10 hours5-10
Standby DieselContinuousVaries based on size
Welder Diesel4-12 hours2-4

Budget and Quality:

Finally, consider your budget and the quality of the generator. While it’s tempting to choose the cheapest option, investing in a reliable generator from a reputable brand can save you money and frustration in the long run.

Sample Budget and Quality Table:

Budget RangeProsConsRecommended Brands
Low (<$500)Affordable upfrontLimited features, durabilityN/A
Mid ($1300-$2500)Balanced features, performanceHigher costHonda, Yamaha
High ($2500+)Premium features, reliabilityExpensiveGenerac, Kohler, Kubota, Honda, Yamaha, B&S, Cummins, Perkins, CAT.

Buy Once – Cry Once :

Selecting the right generator, whether it be a petrol or diesel is essential to ensure you have a reliable source of power whenever you need it. By considering your power requirements, generator type, fuel type, noise level, runtime, budget, and quality, you can make an informed decision. Remember to consult the manufacturer’s specifications and seek professional guidance when needed. A well-chosen generator will provide peace of mind, whether you’re camping under the stars, weathering a storm, or powering essential equipment on a job site.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is for general guidance. Specific generator models and features may vary. Always refer to the manufacturer’s specifications and consult with professionals when necessary to make the best choice for your needs.

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